Part No. NS-0920


      High transparent and flexible PVC FILM, conductive carbon honeycomb pattern are printed on the surface of flame retardant treated one for control the static charges.

      Especially for soft wall cleanroom built, making partition, stripe curtain door and protective cover in static controled area.

      This material meets the specifications of Federal Test methods ST 101C and 4046.


      * Permanent anti-static properties.

      * Maintains clarity over the long period of time Ideal to fit various areas in size and shape.
      Part No. NS-0921


      It is highly transparent flame retardant flexible PVC with special
      Anti-static formulation.


      * Excellent Anti-Static Property(108~1010/sq)
      * Permanent Anti-Static Effect
      * Excellent Durability (No Migration)
      * Excellent flame retardancy & transparency
      * High frequency welding is widely used to make curtain walls and covers.


      * Covering and softwalls of cleanrooms
      * Eletronics apparatus (LCD, Semiconductor), Precision tools, Medical equipments
      * Printing, Painting factories
      * Laboratories & Inspection room.