Part No. NC-1308


      3 layer pvc composite with tough Top and cushioning Bottom dissipative vinyl layers conductive grid mesh inner layer provides faster discharge path to ground and energy absorption for components susceptible to physical shock by it's unique structure


      * Light weight help easy to install a mat on workstation.
      * It's easy to pick up small parts on the mat.
      * Provides excellent electrical properties and performances regardless of ambient humidity.
      * Meets requirements of ANSI/ESD-20.20 and EIA- 625.
      * Carbon free construction hence no contamination.
      * Can be cleaned easily with normal soap and water without affecting their anti-static property.

      Standard Size

      * Thickness : 3mm กพ 5%
      * Width : 120CM
      * Length : 10meters/roll
      * Color : blue, grey


      * RTG : 10E7 TO 8
      * RTT : 10E8 TO 9


      * Electronic component assembly lines where static control and stringent cleanliness conditions.
      * can be used on both floor and table.