Part No. NCT-0519


      it is the most effective way for removing the static charge generated in working area to install the conductive tile with grounding.

      when used in conjunction with static control footwear, Conductive Tile flooring is an effective, first-choice solution to control unwanted human body voltage in area where mobility cannot be restricted by wrist straps.


          it satisfies the electric requirement of UL 779 & NFPA 99.
          Surface electric resistance : 10E4 ~ 10E6
          Static decay time : 5,000Volts to zero 0.25sec.

          Excellent anti-wear, anti-water, and anti-chemical properties

      Uniform gauge and color maintenance

      Anti-load property There is no problem with machine movement, carrier vehicles or beds

      Permanent conductivity Conductive material is distributed evenly in entire tile so that it has permanent conductivity



      * Manufacturing, assembling and inspection factory of semi-conductor company
      * Cleanroom, Computer room
      * Producting, assembling, laboratory, and test place of electronic product
      * Operation room of hospital Place to handle explosives and flammable gas
      * Access floor Telecommunication Corporation (electronic switching room, finishing material of conduction room)