Part No. NC-1306


      Working standing up on hard surface puts unnecessary strain on the body because your blood
      can not circulate freely.

      E-MAT (anti-fatigue mat) provide excellent relief thanks to their elasticity and design.
      Improving worker comfort and productivity.


      * Shock absorbent.
      * Reduction of tiredness in feet, leg and back.
      * Elastic even after hours and hours of use.
      * Able to withstand oil and most chemicals.
      * Insulation against cold.
      * Angled edges reduce the risk of stumbling
      * A good stimulant for the circulation.
      * Static dissipative PUR material.

      Standard Size

      * size : 60cm x 90cm(available to extend the size by gluing)
      * color : grey, green.
      * possible to fix grounding snap along to user's request.