Part No. NT-0938


      Replaces others that are no static generators Withstands 140 to
      180 for 45 minutes. Masking PCB gold features for weave
      soldering and automobile painting.


      * Does tribo-charge, but no charge retention.

      * Non-toxic, and PH neutral.

      * Non-corrosive.

      * Adhesive: Non-Staining.

      * Excellent Conformability.

      * provides constant performance to plastic iron tree and form

      Technical data

      UNITS VALUE Remarks
      NT-0938-1 NT-0938
      Crepe paper   
      Natural Rubbe
      Adhesive - Natural Rubber  
      Backing mm Crepe Paper  
      Total Thickness mils 7.3 8  
      Adhesive to Steel oz/in 29 31  
      Tensil Strength 1bs/in 30 32  
      Temperature /1hr 140 160/180 Long/Short
      Elongation % 10 10  
      Color   Light Yellow Light Yellow