Part No. NT-0932
        Silicone Single Coated PI Tape]

      Dimensionally stable at high temperatures. Flame retardant and chemical resistant. Excellent heat, cold, solvent and voltage resistance. Excellent insulation.


      Mask for PCB during wave solder or solder dip process. Protect specific areas of PCB. Insulating the parts of aircraft, electronic, trains and special electronic components.

      Part No. NT-0933
        Silicone Double Coated PI Tape]

      Use to fix an electronic & electrical parts.
      Good heat, solvent resistance.

      Heat Resistance : 250



      Technical data

      NT-0932 NT-0933 ASTM D3652
      Base Film Thickness m 25 2 25 2
      Tatal Thickness m 70 3 100 3 ASTM D 3330
      Peel Adhesion gf/in 650 50 Above 800 ASTM D3759
      Elongation % Above 50 Above3.5
      Tensile Strength kg/in Above 9 Above 50 -
      Heat Resistance - Good Good 230/30min Heating Oven
      Chemical Resistance - Good Good 20 % HCI, NaOH /5hrs
      Appearance % Amber
      Amber Visual Test