Part No. PCS-1401


      Conductive carbon mixed Polystyrene rigid sheet, thermoformable sheet which can be made into variety of ESD sensitive, protective electronic packages.

      This low out gassing and recyclable material meets or exceeds EOS-ESD S 11.11, EIA-541 requirments for surface resistivity and static decay.


      * Available in custom thickness and widths within 0.3mm to 5mm thickness and max 100 cm width.

      * No dependency on humidity.

      * Permanent surface resistivity within 10E4 to 10E5 ohm.

      * Excellent dimensional stability for deep-drawing or precision forming.


      * Thermoforming packaging.

      * Electronic component trays.

      * Hard disk containers.

      * LCD module tray.

      * Memory module tray.