Control panel

      SET A : Adjust the tape length(cm)

      SET B : Adjust the tape length(mm)
         - Change the operating mode in P or L
         - P : Auto,Manual
         - L : Continuous operation

      SELECT : Set the tape length & cut piece
                         figure,operate P,L mode

      FWD(forward) : feed the tape toward

      START : Feed tape and cuts automatically or manually

      REV(reverse) : Rewind the tape away from cut area

      Lamp : Displays in the auto mode

      AUTO/MANUAL : Change the operating mode in auto or manual

      LED : Displays the length of the tape, keeping on operating mode.


      * Display : 4 Digit LED

      * Width : 5~50

      * Length : 5 ~ 999

      * Tape transfer roller :DC motor

      * Power source : AC 100/200V 50/60Hz ,25w

      * Size : 115215130

      * Weight : 3.0

      Major Functions

      * Non-adhesive product can be used.

      * Built-in tweezers for cutting short tapes.

      * Tape feed and cutting speed are 1.5 times faster than the
         existing products.

      * A cabinet-type without tape hanger, which enables the use
         of any type of the tape reel.

      * One-touch exchangeable knife set makes it possible change the blade at outside by anyone.

      * Lubricant is automatically applied to the knife edge.

      * Self-diagnosis displays error and generates a buzz on emergency.

      * Quantity counter function helps cut shortage tubes, labels, ribbon, etc. by adjusting the quantity and the length.