Part No. NCT-5001 TAPE Cutter

      * Accepts tape widths from .125 to .98 (3 to 25 mm)
      * Cuts lengths from .51 to 2.36(13 to 60 mm)
      * Allows up to 20 pieces of tape to be cut at the touch of a button
      * Unique feed system places tape on carousel for easy removal
      * Ideal for multiple operators and high volume requirements
      * Accept 1, 1.25 and 3 core diameter tapes (25.4, 32 and 76.2 mm)
      * Safety switch on cover

      Model NCT5001
      Tape width Inch Metric .12 to .98"(3 to 25mm)
      Cut length Inch Metric .51 to 2.36"(12 o 60mm)
      Max. uotside dia. of roll 5.1"(130mm)
      Core diameter 1", 1.25", 3"(25,32,76.2mm)
      Accuracy of cut* 0.4"(1mm)
      Tape cutter automatic
      Feed type carousel type
      Adjustable tape spacing yes
      Length setting mechanical (lead screw)
      Weight 6.2 lbs. (2.75kg.)
      Dimensions 11.8"(L)x6.3"(W)x6.3"(L) (30cm(L)x16cm(W)x16cm(H))
      Electrical requirements 117V 50/60z, < 1amp (220V 50/60Hz available)

      dependent on material