Part No. NA-0900 WRIST STRAP

      * Snap : 10mm, 7mm, 4mm

      * Fabric : Elastic Nylon With conductive
                    plated threads

      * Contact : 360 degrees around wrist

      * Back Plate : Blue, Dark Blue -Stainless Steel
                           Purple - Plastic

      * Coil Code : 6, 10, 12' Length, 1M Resistor

      * Banana Plug : Spinning, stainless

      When Grounded properly, wrist straps are the most common grounding devices used to control static charges.

      Wrist straps safely remove static charge from the operator to protect your ESD susceptible components and products. This primary cause of static charge generation is people.

      ESD susceptible parts and products face their greatest threat from workers handing part.

      Part No. NA-0902 Grounding Cord Series

      Perfect for grounding floor mats, runners, and table mats.

      This 15 foot ground cord makes reaching ground easy.

      Easy to install. Simply snap it to a mat and connect the ring terminal or alligator to ground.

      The beveled cap prevents the snap from being removed by a chair or cart. Cord is terminated with a ring terminal