Nuevon Clean Paper

      Recognized for importance of contamination control products¡¯ materials and process technology, NINE Industries develops and supplies various high quality cleanroom products and ESD products under strict quality control.

      Stationery such as Papers, Notebooks are a potentially significant source of contamination while they are integral components in critical environments. The reliable flow of Clean Paper through copiers and printers leads quality production.

      Part No. NP-111 ~ NP-130

      Nuevon Clean Paper is specially designed for writing, printing, and photo-copying machine in the cleanroom environment.

      Through polymerization process, fiber lint, and particulates are tightly bound into the sheet, and decrease electro-static buildup, which will eventually minimize scrap rate of copier.

      Nuevon Clean Paper provides a variety of colors, sizes and weights.


      * Ultra-low particle generation
      * Ultra-low extractable chemicals
      * Ultra-low metallic ion content
      * High opacity and durability
      * High tear and tensile strength
      * Clear writing
      * Good heat toner adhesion
      * Antistatic treated surface
      * Processed and double-bag packages in Class 100 cleanroom
      * Smooth feeding and superior toner adherence in laser printers and PPC copiers
      * Vaious colors, sizes and weights are available for customer¡¯s wide selection.

      Part No. NPB-111 ~ NPB-119


      * Clean
      * Economical
      * Easy to write on
      * Tear tesistant

      * High-density polyethylene cover, plastic spirals and durable
         clean paper

      * Translucent cover allows the reader to easily identify
         the notebook¡¯s contents

      * Spiral design allows the notebook to lie that and stay opened

      * Sizes : A4,A5
      * Types : Spiral, Stapler
      * Lines : Ruled, Checkered

      - Custom sizes are available.